OUR VISION: Recreating safer places for cyclists and pedestrians in SWFL.

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Streets Alive of SWFL reaches out to many sectors of the community. We provide training, multiuse transportation audits, safety lights, and many more services to groups and organizations where their needs fit within our mission of “Fostering a livable community through activities, advocacy, education and service”. Solely volunteers run Streets Alive SWFL. All donations support our outreach.

We are a 501c3 and all tax donations are tax deductible.

Volunteer with Us

Service is our passion to give back to the SWFL community. This is where we can connect the dots. There are simple but significant ways where you can be part of something great. Streets Alive of SWFL needs volunteers in many areas. Activities may encompass a special event from preparation to presentation and follow-up. Here are the places we need help!

Advocacy is more community oriented with advisory boards in the SWFL area. We can share with you how you can be part of it and help Streets Alive SWFL meet our mission.

Education is mostly guided through special projects. We teach community members how to do walking audits to help areas around schools to become safer. Once the audits are complete the community members need to learn how to effect change in our current city and county structure.

Special Skills
Beyond our mission statement, our board is also in need of volunteers with specific skills. If you have skills in Information technology, accounting, marketing, public relations, or community development; we would love for you to get to know us and lend your talents to the Streets Alive board.

Time commitment: while the board of directors meet on a monthly basis, all of our project time commitments vary depending the community needs. We participate in community boards at the local government level where we could use support, or we might have an activity with a community partner that may require a couple of hours a week or month. Specify your time availability on the volunteer engagement form.

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