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Streets Alive of SWFL was formerly known as Streets Alive Lee, a project born in 2011 with the Healthy Lee Coalition and the support of the Florida Department of Health in Lee County and completely run with the help of volunteers. Streets Alive Lee was thought to be an actualization of the global phenomenon known as “Ciclovía.” The concept of Ciclovía (translation from Spanish is “bike path”), began in the city of Bogotá, Colombia in 1976. More Info >>

What areas in SWFL are problems for people on bikes and walking?

Click on the map below to see crashes around Southwest Florida. Data is updated through 2017.

Bike Riding Safety

Walking Safety

"3 Feet" Bumper Sticker Initiative

Kindness and respect for people riding their bicycles giving it a “thumbs up” Be part of the change you wish to see in this community!
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Special Events

Your contribution helps Streets Alive achieve our mission to educate, equip, and inspire others to positively influence our community for good. Together we can reduce cycling and pedestrian fatalities and save lives!

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Streets Alive SWFL
Streets Alive SWFL
Improvement projects underway to include bicycle and pedestrian safety!

Stay inspired SWFL!
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Streets Alive SWFL
Streets Alive SWFL
Community champions for safety!!!
Bicycle safety!

Big thanks to B&I Contractors, Inc for including the "Bike on the street, give 3 feet" initiative to their 220+ fleet.

It takes a community to build a community.

Their safety initiative is to their team and commitment to community wellbeing. The stickers have been incorporated to the inside of their fleet on the dashboard, to keep their driving mindful of all humans riding their bicycle on the road!!!

Do you have a fleet of vehicles and want to be a community champion for bicycle safety? Send us a message, we do all the work 👉♥️

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Streets Alive SWFL