Streets Alive of SWFL was formerly known as Streets Alive Lee, a project born in 2011 with the Healthy Lee Coalition and the support of the Florida Department of Health in Lee County and completely run with the help of volunteers. Streets Alive Lee was thought to be an actualization of the global phenomenon known as “Ciclovía.” The concept of Ciclovía (translation from Spanish is “bike path”), began in the city of Bogotá, Colombia in 1976. More Info >>

Streets Alive SWFL
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This is an awesome annual event. Watching the kids change and light up when they accomplish something that terrifies them is a huge reward from volunteering for this event.
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The study also found that drivers behaved more dangerously around female riders, passing, on average, three inches closer to female cyclists. Of all the unsafe passes in the study, 73 percent occurred against female cyclists. Studies show that women favor protected bike infrastructure because they tend to feel safer.

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