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Have your voice heard in this 8th Street improvement project for Naples.
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Walking makes you happy!!!
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It’s not just old-school developers who design barriers into the pedestrian experience. Every day, people who don’t drive experience discrimination in the form of bad street design, sidewalk obstacles and blithe disregard for their needs.
This is a picture by the BELL TOWER SHOPS, where we have witnessed probably hundreds commuting on a daily basis by bus...but there are no sidewalks or bus shelter to this heavy used bus stop.
Notice there is no sidewalk to this bus stop, in fact the only sidewalks are on US41 and they disappear as you turn into the connecting streets.
Sidewalks, bus stops and people are part of the transportation system, they all need to be connected!
As the BELL TOWER SHOPS is being renovated, this could be a perfect opportunity to add sidewalks and make it a pedestrian friendly destination; even the fact that Crowne Plaza Fort Myers At Bell Tower Shops and Homewood Suites Fort Myers- Bell Tower are across the street, would make it a great complement to the ongoing facelift efforts.

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